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Strategic Consulting is a high leverage transformation approach. Often, a critical prerequisite for a sustainable transformation. We see high technology, life sciences, health care industries as having large strategic transformational potential.

Here are some of the questions we help answer:

  • Vision Development: Where do you want to be in the future ("there")?
  • Organizational Capability Assessment: Where do you stand today ("here")?
  • Systems Dynamics Analysis: What are the major components of getting from "here" to "there"?
  • Partnership Evaluation: What kinds of partnerships are needed?

We go down to the very basics.

Vision Development

Where do you want to be? It is important to envision the desired future state.

We have been involved in multiple vision formulations for organizations(these include ones for Operational Excellence, Risk Management, Quality Management, Knowledge Management, Quality By Design, etc,) Development of a vision is a critical prerequisite for any successful organizational transformation.

We can help you:

  • Envision a Design Future State or Evaluate An Existing One
  • Clarify or Further Develop The Vision
  • Connect Multiple Visions or Missions Into A Unified Framework
  • Help Create A New Vision or Mission Statement

Vision Development is a highly collaborative exercise that involves us working very closely with your company at multiple levels. It is a key prerequisite for the transformation process.

We achieve our mission when you achieve yours.


Transformations typically involve multiple partners. Potential partners often include customers, suppliers, vendors, and service providers. Each of their locations is often distributed across the globe. Some partnerships also involve regulators and competitors.

Seeking to develop a major partnership? Light Pharma has a long history of enabling powerful partnerships. Our knowledge of the high technology, life sciences and health care industries and extensive experience in many different aspects of the industry can help to:

  • Identify Potential Partners
  • Evaluate Potential Partner Companies
  • Perform Due Diligence Analysis
  • Quantify Potential Benefits From Partnership

We can help you develop lasting partnerships that can enable your transformation...

System Dynamics

Once the desired state ("there") and the current reality ("here") is defined, the rest of transformation is simply being a matter of time and space. Light Pharma uses concepts of Systems Thinking and System Dynamics to help define the aspects of space and time that are appropriate for your specific context.

Powerful descriptions and models of space and time are developed to formulate multiple transformation scenarios and alternatives. Light Pharma then works with companies to help choose from among these multiple alternatives. We will help you identify areas of high leverage and develop detailed transformation plans and milestones around them.

Light Pharma will help you through the actual transformation.

Organization Capability

What is the current reality? Any real transformation (whether personal or organizational) must include a true understanding of the current reality ("here"). Such an awareness is an important prerequisite in the transformation process.

Light Pharma has assisted some of the leading high technology, life sciences, and health care organizations in defining and formulating their current reality.

We can help you:

  • Define Your Current State ("here")
  • Identify Core Competencies
  • Highlight Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Contrast Capabilities Against Others

If you are interested in a transformation that is grounded in your "current reality", Light Pharma can help you.

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Light Pharma's Services leverage years of experience, focus, and insight.

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Light Pharma is a consulting and technology company on a mission to help transform the way medicine is made.

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