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Benchmarking is important. It is one of our transformation services and we believe most companies can benefit from it. The process of benchmarking helps in developing rigor in performance measurement, setting high enough targets, overcoming disbelief, and promoting a culture change from one that is inward-looking to one that actively seeks to learn from the world around.

Light Pharma has many years of experience in the high technology, life sciences and health care industries. A large standardized set of performance metrics have been developed to benchmark different aspects of R&D, and commercial operations performance and monitor trends over time. This builds on detailed benchmarking experiences from many dozens of different units belonging to brand name life sciences companies. Light Pharma provides multiple ways to help you benchmark yourself against others:

  • Industry Research: Keeps you abreast of the latest developments in the high technology, life sciences and health care industries(e.g. Quality By Design, ICH Q8, Q9, Q10).
  • Benchmarking Partnerships: Provides a framework for developing benchmarking partnerships with other high technology, life sciences, health care, and best-in-class companies

Benchmarking. We've done it for many years. We do it today. We can do it for you tomorrow...

Industry Research

We have developed a large database of industry research on the high technology, life sciences, and health care industries and on best-practices outside the industry. We are committed to providing unbiased and frank analysis of the trends in these industries and routinely monitors industry trends within them at both an overall industry and individual organization level. Multiple measures of performance such as 

  • Quality Levels
  • Manufacturing Costs
  • Inventory Levels
  • Productivity Levels
  • Capital Investments
  • R&D; investments

are monitored for the top life sciences companies and for the industry as a whole. 

Benchmarking Partnerships

Benchmarking partnerships are formed when a certain set of companies or units want to be able to go beyond publicly available information and look deeper. Such partnerships are formed around different focus issues. The focus of such benchmarking partnerships include:

  • Overall Unit Performance
  • Specific Aspects of Performance  or
  • Certain Technologies

    In such cases, we facilitate the benchmarking process by:

  • Defining the Scope of the Partnership
  • Using a Set of Standardized Metrics
  • Collecting Qualitative and Quantitative Data
  • Reporting Results
  • Monitoring Performance Over Time

Specific databases are developed for each benchmarking partnership. A comprehensive set of operational performance metrics have been developed and monitored over a number of years for different portions of the life sciences and health care supply chain. This provides a powerful means to:

  • Establish Best Practices
  • Compare Yourself Against Others in the Industry
  • Measure Yourself Against Your Own Continuous Improvement targets
  • Identify Strengths and Weaknesses

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