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There are multiple organizational transformation philosophies. Six Sigma is both a target (3.4 defects per million opportunities) and a transformation philosophy. Six sigma is one of our transformation services, a key one that can enable you to translate your strategic vision into a course of action. We specialize in operational excellence for the high technology, life sciences and health care industries.

We have worked with or developed many operational excellence programs across the industry. Our operational excellence training programs are designed from the ground up for your industry.

We provide a number of Operational Excellence Services. Some of them include:

  • Readiness Evaluation: Determining if you are ready for an operational excellence type transformation.
  • Implementation: Evaluating how operational excellence approaches will work for your organization and implementing the transformation
  • Training: Training your organization using our active learning methods.

 Readiness Evaluation

Organizational transformation is not a "one-size-fits-all". Each one is different. Light Pharma performs organizational Readiness Evaluations to help enable the transformation. Light Pharma can help you formulate an appropriate approach, evaluate the timing and estimate resource requirements.

  • Approach: There are multiple organizational transformation approaches/philosophies. Some of them include Operational Excellence, Quality By Design, Risk Management, Lean Manufacturing, Total Quality Management, Organization Learning, and Reengineering. What organizational transformation approach is right for you? Light Pharma can help you choose which one or combination is right for your organization.
  • Timing: Are you ready? Light Pharma will help you evaluate whether your organization is ready to be transformed. Light Pharma will also help define what needs to be done to reach the desired level of readiness.
  • Resources: What will it take to succeed? Light Pharma will help you define and estimate the resource requirements for a successful transformation.


Once an appropriate transformation approach/philosophy is adopted, Light Pharma will help you implement the actual transformation.

We do so through:

  • Plan Development: Light Pharma will help develop a detailed implementation that is based on the specific strengths and weaknesses of the organization. Appropriate milestones and phases of implementation will be formulated and developed
  • Transformation Management: When appropriate and in specific situations, Light Pharma often helps manage certain aspects of the transformation for a certain period of time.
  • Transformation Monitoring: As the transformation goes forward, Light Pharma helps its clients by continually monitoring the progress, providing appropriate feedback, and modifying the plan when appropriate.

Six Sigma : Training

Training is a critical component of any real organizational transformation effort. Light Pharma has leveraged its close connectivity with leading universities and thinkers across the world to develop powerful training courses that go to the very essence of organizational transformation. Light Pharma's many years of experience with real transformation has allowed for a rare mix of fundamental theory and actual practice in the training courses that we have developed. 

Training course includes

  • Lean Manufacturing and Lean Thinking
  • Operational Excellence: The Bare Essentials
  • Six Sigma: Leadership Orientation
  • Six Sigma: Champion Training, Black Belt / Green Belt Training
  • Quality Management
  • Systems Thinking and Organizational Learning.

In addition, custom courses are developed based on your needs.

State-of-the-art computer-based methods are used to make our training courses meaningful and learningful experiences. Our training is based on real case studies that are relevant for high technology life sciences and health care organizations.

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