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Processes are about how we do business today. Examining our own processes is a high leverage means to transforming their performance. Process Management is one of Light Pharma's Six Transformation Services and provides a number of services focused on better management of processes.

Our process management services involve helping high technology, life sciences, and health organizations better manage their processes through:

  • Performance Measurement: Effectively measurement of how well your processes are performing.
  • Process Mapping: Mapping and simulation of the actual processes that are determining your performance and redesigning these processes when desirable.
  • Process Analytical Technology: Employing sensor technologies that allow process performance to be measured and monitored in-line, at-line or on-line.
  • Data Management: Managing the large amounts of data that are being generated by these processes and sensors.
  • Information Management: Designing effective means for information and knowledge to be extracted from the process and product data.

Process Analytical Technology

We use Process Analytical Technology (PAT) to provide services in developing systems for rapid measurement, analysis, control and design of R&D, and commercial operation processes. A number of proprietary process analytical technologies such as the application of Light-Induced Fluorescence are utilized to rapidly achieve process and business objectives. 

We develop PAT (such as Light Induced Fluorescence, Near-Infrared, Raman and Image Analysis) applications to help our clients:

  • Improve the Capability and Efficiency of Their Processes
  • Enhance Product Quality
  • Improve Process Understanding and Built-in Quality
  • Reduce Process Development Time
  • Reduce Production Cycle Times and Enhance Capacity Utilization

    Some of our proprietary technologies include:

  • On-line Process Line with PAT
  • Rapid Blend Formulation Profiling
  • LIF Technology for On-line Monitoring of Manufacturing Processes

Information Management

We have developed powerful frameworks that involve a combination of multiple components including:

  • Data Analysis Tools
  • Digital Control Systems (DCS) and Individual PLCs
  • Knowledge-Based Systems
  • Manufacturing Execution Systems and Electronic Batch Records
  • Process Analytical Technology (PAT) Systems
  • Supervisory Control and Decision Analysis (SCADA) Systems

The frameworks leverage extensive experience in performance measurement, process mapping and simulation, process analytical technology, data analysis information, and knowledge management and is used to evaluate the effectiveness of the current systems within high technology, life sciences and health care organizations and design systems for the future. This framework is also the foundation for the PI™.

We can help design, develop, and implement your data, information and knowledge management efforts.

Data Management

During the course of process R&D; and commercial operations in high technology, life sciences, and health care organizations a large amount of data is generated. As part of our expertise, we have analyzed thousands of batches records from multiple products over multiple years. Data capture and analysis has been performed for compliance and problem-solving investigations.

  • Analysis of Variances and Exceptions
  • Evaluation of Data Consistency
  • Evaluation of Data Quality and Data Quantity
  • Rapid Data Capture
  • Systematic Structured Data Analysis
  • Trend and Pattern Analysis
  • Underlying Cause Analysis

We have expertise in developing powerful proprietary pattern recognition and data mining techniques involving Artificial Neural Networks, Clustering, Discriminant Analysis and Principal Component Analysis that enable companies to extract the few key pieces of information from large volumes of data. Active learning methodologies have been developed that allow companies to dramatically enhance the rate of data mining and knowledge extraction. These methodologies are integrated within Light Pharma's proprietary PI™ framework.

Performance Measurement

Performance measurement is an important component of an organizational transformation effort. It provides a means to describe where you are ("here"), where you want to be ("there"), and how far along you are in your journey from "here" to "there". It also provides a means to formulate milestones and measure success or failure. Light Pharma has many years of experience in developing different forms of performance measure systems such as the Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators.

We have developed performance measures for many of the leading high technology, life sciences, and health care and companies. A large number of performance metrics have been developed at various levels in the organization and for a wide range of purposes.

Process Mapping

  • Need to understand why your R&D; or Commercial Operations  processes are not giving you a higher level of performance?
  • Need to understand what your R&D; or Operational capacity really is?

Is so, maybe you need Light Pharma to help you with process mapping and simulation. Light Pharma carries out modeling and simulation assignments for a large number of life sciences, health care, and high technology companies.

Process mapping and the resulting process maps are a powerful means to:

  • Identify Bottlenecks and Hot Spots
  • Promote "Learning Before Doing"
  • Capture Diverse Pieces of Information in a Single Framework
  • Communicate Concepts Across the Organization

    Process simulations are a powerful means to
  • Perform "What-If" Type Scenario Analysis
  • Understand the Consequences of Current Practices
  •  Evaluate Potential Benefits From A New Way of Doing Things

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Light Pharma's Services leverage years of experience, focus and insight.

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